Priority Campaigns

Using a project/campaign approach to change conditions that hold a problem in place, the Latrobe Health Advocate initially focused on:

  • Mental health
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Palliative care

and work continues on these projects in 2020

In her 2019/20 Statement of Intent the Advocate identified 3 new priorities.  These are:

  • A healthy life in Latrobe – focussing on prevention across the lifespan to determine what it might take for people in Latrobe to enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • Human connections in Latrobe – building on the work done in the 2018/19 mental health project, this campaign will have a dedicated focus on social inclusion and loneliness in Latrobe
  • Access to services in Latrobe – Following on from the Advocates’s connections with communities in 2018/19 where access to services was highlighted as a significant issue for people in Latrobe, this campaign will identify the systemic and underlying issues that are impacting how people in Latrobe can access doctors in Latrobe.

Our strategies for achieving this include:

  • Informed identification of known and emerging issues through research.
  • Exploration of user experience and engagement with communities to deepen understanding of issues.
  • Collaborate with communities to identify changes required to policies, practices, resources, connections, assumptions, beliefs and values.
  • Advocate for system change and filling the gaps.