COVID-19 Impact and Recovery in Latrobe

Statement from the Latrobe Health Advocate

20 March 2020

This is a difficult time for our community. 

People of the Latrobe Valley, along with the rest of Victoria and communities across the world are facing a situation like nothing we have seen before. 

COVID-19 has emerged as a significant health issue that will impact Latrobe communities, and therefore it is now a priority for my office.  

COVID-19 will impact every aspect of our society and the demand on our health system will be significant.  

There are people in Latrobe who may feel the impact more than others.  

People that rely on community events and activities for their mental wellbeing. 

People who have a disability, chronic condition or suffer from mental illness. 

People who can’t access food or housing. 

People who already experience isolation and loneliness. 

People who no longer have financial security. 

We need to look out for these people, and the system needs to cater for their needs, now more than ever. 

I know that people in Latrobe care about their health and wellbeing and they care about each other.  

I know that people in Latrobe have the skills and resilience to get through this. 

I know that our local nurses, doctors and health services will do everything they can to support their community. 

COVID-19 has already forced our health system and governments to think and work differently 

I have no doubt that in the weeks and months ahead we will all find new and different ways of working in response to this global pandemic. 

As the Latrobe Health Advocate, I am here to listen and to help our health system and governments to understand and respond to the needs of communities.  

I am here to work together with others in the Latrobe Health Innovation Zone to ensure that advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer and other Government officials is reaching everyone in Latrobe. 

I encourage people in Latrobe to continue to look after their health, both physical and mental, to show kindness and to look out for others.  

In the coming weeks and months, I will continue to engage with Latrobe communities via telephone, the internet and the media.  

I will advocate on behalf of Latrobe communities and do what I can to support people during this difficult time. 

Take care, 

Jane Anderson

Latrobe Health Advocate 

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