Connected with key stakeholders

The Advocate established a working relationship with a broad range of stakeholders including local general practice managers, GPs, government representatives, peak bodies and training agencies.

Inviting people to engage in this important work to address the issues facing doctors and communities in Latrobe, the Advocate encouraged collaboration at a local, state and national level.

  • Local practices expressed their frustrations about having to turn patients away on a daily basis and shared their aspirations for changes in the training and recruitment pathways for GPs. Communities have said that there may be enough doctors in Latrobe per person, but there are not enough doctors per problem.
  • People have talked about the difficulty in paying for and getting access to services, medicines and specialists. They have talked about having to travel outside Latrobe to access the support that they need.
  • People have suggested that improvements could be made to help patients have better access to scripts and pharmacies, with less reliance on waiting for an appointment with the doctor.