Listened to experts

The Advocate sought advice, research and evidence from a range of sources 27 GP practices were invited to respond to a questionnaire and provide feedback.

Peak bodies were asked to contribute; including:

  • Royal Australian College of GPS (RACGP)
  • University of Melbourne
  • Safer Care Victoria
  • Monash University
  • Victorian Healthcare Association
  • Eastern Victoria GP Training
  • Rural Workforce Agency Victoria
  • Rural Doctors Association of Australia

State and Federal Health departments, service providers including:

  • Central West Gippsland PCP
  • DHHS
  • Gippsland PHN
  • Grattan Institute
  • Larter and Co
  • Latrobe Valley Authority
  • National Rural Health Commission
  • Our Place
  • The Royal Australian College of GPs
  • Rural WORKFORCE Agency Victoria
  • Medical Journal of Australia
  • University of Melbourne